Our Vision of "Serving New Thought"

We will continue building the best Global Resources for New Thought in the world, making New Thought "Free For Everyone Forever." Insuring that people around the world are aware of New Thought as a philosophy, a way of life and a spiritual path. When aware of New Thought, intelligent and compassionate people realize that it is the logical and loving choice.

Serving New Thought

The Checklist for the Future:

Maintaining the highest quality directory of New Thought institutions compiled from public information through the participation of New Thought Seekers and Sharers around the world with the possibility of individual institutional input in particular for those institutions who participate and support our work. Thereby insuring that Seekers can find Sharers and learn New Thought Principles through participation with those institutions and Seekers can support said institutions. Providing free access to a high quality online Library of digitized public domain New Thought books and texts insuring that Seekers can easily access and learn New Thought Principles and Teachings and that Sharers have a universal resource which allows them to teach online classes and access material anywhere there is a connection to the World Wide Web.

Put the Public First

Serving New Thought has become a leader in providing information to New Thought Seekers and Sharers by putting the public first. We have an ongoing commitment to the public to continue providing high quality resources in a professional and consistent manner. Part of this committment is to insure that the information compiled in the directory or distributed in other resources that we maintain accurately reflects the current situation in New Thought and is untainted by Fundamentalist or New Age philosophies. We strive for the best service in New Thought and will do our utmost to offer the best service by solving problems on the spot. We strive to be the first choice for Seekers and Sharers with innovative technology and courteous, convenient service. This allows us to create more choices and makes it logical for both Seekers & Sharers to support us in our work of supporting them

Focus on People

By following Nash's Equilibria and working in cooperation with other New Thought partners, taking care of Sharers -- our greatest asset -- they will take care of Seekers and Seekers will come back in increasing numbers transforming their consciousness and in turn becoming Sharers. We will achieve this objective through enhanced communications, fair and progressive relations, state-of-the-art training for Ministers, Practitioners and Teachers, and continued improvements to our services and facilities.

Build our Network

By expanding our outreach, domestically and internationally, by expanding New Thought Resources and building our alliances with other New Thought Institutions we will create robust, and sustainable growth which will enhance the progress of New Thought and insure Peace and Prosperity throughout the world. We will further develop New Thought Resources and services, enhance positive and mutually supportive relationships, and grow capacity by flawlessly executing the long-term plan of Serving New Thought globally by providing New Thought Resources for Free Forever.

Secure our future in the present
by securing the Future of New Thought

Serving New Thought ensures sustainable stability through a commitment to transformation of consciousness. This is key to each Sharer of New Thought Principles because global peace and prosperity are only guaranteed if we work in the present to insure global transformation of consciousness. To do this we will execute strategies to improve performance, increase productivity, grow relationships, identify high potential areas for expansion, and strengthen our information resources by constant improvement. We will continue to improve all service areas and make the investments necessary to execute this Checklist. Significant improvements are underway to the resources that we currently provide and to the creation of novel resources which will provide more venues for New Thought Sharers to connect with Seekers around the world.

Choose Prosperity Today!

Some New Thought Centers have been unaware of these wonderful resources. This is changing daily with more and more centers joining us in our global outreach.

Our support for all New Thought ministries is a tithe to them. We believe that eventually all New Thought ministries will achieve higher levels of consciousness and prosperity. We see this every day as ministers and centers demonstrate global partnership through supporting these wonderful resources. Some ministries may be struggling, but we affirm their prosperity and know that as they are aware of our existence they will ask for help and through our support grow in strength and prosperity.

You can help yourself and any center you choose to put on a Prosperous F.A.C.E.

We are insuring that New Thought Seekers and Sharers are fully informed of the resources we maintain for their benefit and trust that as they benefit, then they can tithe to support these resources. Encourage your center and its leadership to tithe as well, and always remember that your center needs you and that means you can simply start tithing on their behalf and thereby helping to demonstrate a happy F.A.C.E.

Join us today!


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