Our Success is measured by YOUR Success!

We have built the finest New Thought Resources in the world and all of them are intended to facilitate the transformation of world consciousness.

These resources are designed to enable New Thought Seekers to have crucial New Thought texts at their fingertips. Texts such as Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, The Master Class Lessons by Ernest Wilson, The complete collecton of Wallace Wattles, the works of Florence Scovel Shinn and much more...

Our mission is to insure that people around the world can find your center and take your classes!

Our mission is to provide you with tools to make your job as a spiritual leader easier!

Serving New Thought

Prosperity - The Best Choice!

We provide our resources to all for free. Just like NPR or PBS we are supported by financial gifts. Unlike PBS or NPR, we do not receive government funding. We are supported by centers and ministers with Prosperity Consciousness. These are the ministers who say "We Choose Prosperity"

In New Thought, we teach that tithing is a demonstration of consciousness

Serving New Thought tithes hundreds of Charity listings as well as other services to New Thought Centers around the world every year.

It is easy to see which centers are Prosperity Centers

Go to FindACenter.com which is mirrored by NewThoughtCenters.com, UnityCenters.com, CentersForSpiritualLiving.com, MetaphysicalCenters.com and over 20 other mirrors around the world.

The first Face of any New Thought Center that a New Thought Seeker sees is usually the centers'

F.A.C.E. = Find A Center Entry

Some Centers are not conscious of their web presence. Others for one reason or another fall back on Charity - All centers have a Charity Listing which pertains to their center, enabling the public to locate their center, obtain their service times and other information about that center. If a center has a charity listing, this might simply be an indication that center is still not aware of its F.A.C.E. or it could be a clue to the public that this center may need financial support. We cannot adjudicate the exact reasons a center has a particular F.A.C.E. We maintain this wonderful news resource for the benefit of the public and in some cases listings pertaining to various centers are covered by P.U.S. (the Public Update System). Centers wishing to express a higher level of Success may choose to participate and so elminate the need for P.U.S. in the case of said listing.

Prosperity Centers are distinguished by their obvious committment to the New Thought World. These centers support the free resources that we maintain and thus the listing pertaining to that center reflects a higher consciousness.

Prosperity Centers participate in the process of updating the entry that pertains to their center. They are eager to schedule an Update/Orientation Session and to follow this up with a LUG sesssion. Their adundance consciousness and spiritual nature expresses itself just as Serving New Thought is expressing its nature toward them through kindness, politeness, generosity and other divine qualities.

Prosperity Centers clearly express the Divine Flow in motion.

Prosperity Centers support the work with we do with regular tithes which support these wonderful Spiritual Resources including the NewThoughtLibrary. We have set the bar real low so that even if a center is struggling it can tithe and thereby put on a god F.A.C.E.

The current tithing structures (by which we mean a regular contribution) can be found at ServingNewThought.org/tithe
or ServingNewThought.com/tithe

Our Main Ministry

Our main ministry provides spiritual support to New Thought Sharers & Seekers. We make appointments with indiividuals and during those appointments listen to their needs, do Affirmative Prayer, Spiritual Mind Treatment, and use other tools to support them on their journeys.

We also maintain the largest public New Thought resources in the world. There are no required memberships to use the resources. We do not collect information on the people who access these resources. There is no required sign-up or fees.

We also hold regular meetings both online and geographically for those people who voluntarily choose to become part of our New Thought Community.

We also support New Thought Leaders
with the Conscious Ministry Program

Serving New Thought provides training to select New Thought Leaders. The goal of this training is empowerment. We provide prayer support and mentorship with the goal of empowering New Thought Leaders to have complete control of their digital and actual worlds and better demonstrate their divinity through compassion and wisdom.

Participants Learn about:

Email Marketing - What is the best company and why it is free for the first 500 accounts you are mailing to.

DAR (Digital Audio Recording) - What are the best devices to use and where to get them inexpensively.

How to manage your own domains.

How to send video email and how to get it free!

How to have Free Conference Calls.

How to get free online Video storage and distribution far better than YouTube.

Prosperity Centers not only get enhanced listings:

Prosperity Centers are able to open an audio storage website for the distribution of MP3 podcasts.

Prosperity Ministers are able to create a DivineJournal.

Prosperity Ministries make the best first impression with a Prosperity F.A.C.E.

Choose Prosperity Today!

Some New Thought Centers have been unaware of the resources that we maintain or the public news systems that we steward. This is changing as the world evolves into greater communication and deeper compassion.

Our support for all New Thought ministries is a tithe to them. We believe that eventually all New Thought ministries will achieve higher levels of consciousness and prosperity. We see this every day as ministers and centers demonstrate global partnership through supporting these wonderful resources. Some ministries may be struggling, but we affirm their prosperity and know that as they are aware of our existence they will ask for help and through our support grow in strength and prosperity.

You can help yourself and any center you choose to put on a Prosperous F.A.C.E.

We are insuring that New Thought Seekers and Sharers are fully informed of the resources we maintain for their benefit and trust that as they benefit, then they can tithe to support these resources. Encourage your center and its leadership to tithe as well, and always remember that your center needs you and that means you can simply start tithing on their behalf and thereby helping to demonstrate a happy F.A.C.E.

Join us today!


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