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A wonderful and growing set of New Thought Resources which support your New Thought Classes and individual journey through life.

Each of these resources is dedicated to supporting New Thought Seekers in their journey to enlightenment and New Thought Sharers in their mission of facilitating the transformation of World Consciousness.

Serving New Thought

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New Thought Library
The Purpose and Mission of NewThoughtLibrary.com is to provide a comprehensive online library archiving all public domain New Thought works insuring the preservation of these works in multiple medias that can be accessed universally by all peoples as a multilingual public resource contributing to the spiritual well being and enlightenment of all humanity.

Divine Tao takes us on a journey through the Tao from a New Thought perspective. This work has been hailed as "hauntingly beautiful" and "a lyrical masterpiece".

The project allows New Thought Ministers, Seekers and Sharers to explore the Tao and using the congruencies link at the bottom of each Tao page, discover the parallel teachings in other spiritual traditions which are congruent or identical to that particular Tao or Te.


The Purpose and Mission of TheGospels.org is to provide a comprehensive online library of links to great hebraic resources throughout the world wide web.

TheGospels.org provides links to Gnostic texts, censored texts and recently discovered texts available online as well as the standard "Bible Gateways"


DivineWaves.com ~ our new venture brings Classic New Thought Texts to life in audio format read by professional actors, readers and radio announcers. Beginning with the amazing work of Dr. Spottiswoode "The Voice of Thomas Troward"

Download Thomas Troward's Dore and Edinburgh Lectures today.

Divine Waves ~ Catch the wave!

A wonderful New Thought Resource which supports your New Thought Seekers through the provision of daily insights from classic New Thought Masters and daily insights with affirmations by the New Generation of New Thought Sharers.

DivineJournal.com provides a way for Seekers to check in with Sharers on a dialy basis getting a wonderful boost through their daily insights and affirmations.


Do you have the F.A.C.E. of Prosperity?

As we evolve into the New Thought World, Find A Center is growing and changing.

The directory is an Open Source Directory meaning it is a compilation of public information enhanced through ongoing participation. Although submission and updates may be sent in by anyone, respective centers can elect to participate and thereby influence the listing pertaining to their center.

The Question is: What F.A.C.E. are you showing to the world as an expression of your Truth Teachings?

What is Your F.A.C.E.?

FindACenter.com, the world's only Universal New Thought Directory was created to meet a universal need for a comprehensive New Thought Directory with a dynamic solution. The solution is an open source directory which acts as a universal directory for New Thought untainted by any Spiritual Politics.



Walk your Talk! Be a Prosperity Center & Center of Prosperity!

New Thought Sharers, Centers and their leadership have discovered they can turn to Serving New Thought and transform bills into voluntary tithes and donations.

Free Hosting for any New Thought Center in the World
Free Templates
Free installation of Drupal and Joomla.
Free training

All of our work is supported by New Thought Prosperity Centers and conscious Prosperity ministers who send regular tithes and donations.

Their / Your financial gifts are what enable us to do the work that we do supporting you and all of New Thought.

Walk Your Talk and Send in Your Tithe!

Serving New Thought

Classic Authors & A New Generation of New Thought Teachers

We support all New Thought Sharers and Denominations. When a center or sharer is floundering in Poverty Consciousness, we work with them to insure they grow and are able to bring a new dynamic to their communities.

More and more New Thought Center are saying: "We Choose Prosperity"

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