A wonderful New Thought Resource which supports New Thought Seekers through the provision of daily insights from classic New Thought Masters and daily insights with affirmations by the New Generation of New Thought Sharers.

DivineJournal.com provides a way for Seekers to check in with Sharers on a daily basis getting a wonderful boost through their daily insights and affirmations. New Thought ministers are able to create their own Divine Journals providing daily insights into texts in the New Thought Library. Their insights and daily affirmations enhance their relationship with their individual members and open another door for people around globe to get into their ministries.


Classic Authors & A New Generation of New Thought Teachers

You will find some great classic authors and some wonderful new writers giving you daily affirmations & insights to help you with your journals and studies.

You will recognize upcoming leaders in the New Thought movement. These are not ivory tower writers, but people who are leading local Spiritual Communities, involved in building up the lives of regular folks around the world. They are ministers who are supporting people in their communities to be more, do more and have success and joy in their lives.

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