What is your F.A.C.E. ?

Since 1992, the Find A Center directory system has existed in one form or another.

The system is an Open Source Directory meaning it is a compilation of public information enhanced through ongoing participation. Although submission and updates may be sent in by anyone, respective centers can elect to participate and thereby influence the listing pertaining to their center. *

As the world evolves and transforms and New Thought evolves from 20th Century Thought into the New Millennium, Find A Center grows and changes, providing an increasingly stronger news resource for seekers and sharers worldwide.

The Question is: What F.A.C.E. is the center near you showing to the world as an expression of its Truth Teachings?


There are three kinds of F.A.C.E.s (Find A Center Entries)

The three types of F.A.C.E.s are: Charity, Prosperity and Sponsored.

All centers have a listing that pertains to that center. For almost 20 years we have tithed a listing to every center that is in the directory. The public insures that centers are listed for the duration of their existence. The question is: What type of Listing is best for a center? *

Although Charity is free and we are generous and will always provide Charity listings for every center, PROSPERITY IS THE BEST CHOICE!


1. Charity listings are given to all New Thought Centers.
Every Center has always had and always will have a listing. At very least a Charity Listing.

These are listings in which the centers either do not know about the work we do to support you and other people around the world, or in some cases, (of course such cases are few and far between in New Thought) they might need your help in the form of a voluntary "proxy tithe" on their behalf. This is increasingly popular as a gesture of appreciation toward individual centers. You might consider giving your center a Prosperity listing as a gesture of appreciation for that value it contributes to your life. This will also serve to enhance the scope of their ministries as they become team players in our global effort to bring Spiritual Resources to one and all.

We have generally found that when centers realize the vast amount of work we do to support them and you, they begin sending in tithes to support these resources. But remember that centers can achieve Prosperity Status either through "Walking their Talk" or through the abundance of the universe, meaning someone (this is code for YOU) sends a tithe or annual donation on their behalf

Charity listings include location,
mailing address and times of service
but it is always better to choose Prosperity!



2. Prosperity listings are listings that pertain to New Thought Centers in which the center is demonstrating Conscious Ministry which includes Compassion and Prosperity Consciousness as well as helping you, the public by linking to the main resources that we maintain to support New Thought.

Prosperity listings emphasize the realization of the power of sowing seed back to the fields which nourish. and the consequent demonstration of consciousness through action.

Prosperity Listings include increased levels of contact information that reflect a center's consciousness.
This might include the telephone number, email, links to a website, links to an online mapping service so that seekers can easily find that center. A Prosperity center can also gain control of the space to the left of the listing pertaining to their center.

In the cases of centers relying on sponsorship, the sponsor can gain control of the space to the left of said listing.

For 16 years, we tithed Prosperity Listings to every center in the directory. We trusted that as centers saw the work that we do, they would automatically and joyfully begin tithing to support this work and thereby share in the global efforts that are bringing these wonderful Spiritual Resources to one and all. The resources that we maintain are supported by the general public around the world. They are free and do not require membership for access. They are often the first experience a New Thought Seeker has of these important teachings and the very reason they seek a center in the first place.

A few of years ago, our CORE council (Board of Directors) followed the advice of the Advisory Council (Wise and Insightful New Thought Ministers who advise us) and created the current three categories of listings enabling centers to have a greater influence on how they are demonstrating their consciousness via the directory system.

We trust that you are pleased with the potent ongoing developments of these powerful Resources and that you join the other ministers in Conscious Ministry and say

We Choose Prosperity! *

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* It should be noted that we strive to provide the best news in New Thought, yet at times our contributors, including those who are in participating in the Conscious Ministry Program are in fact human and therefore can make mistakes. (Oh my!) We strive to live up to the high standards of the vision as set out by our founding ministers. If your ministry has been in Prosperity Status for longer than 15 months and is actively tithing, feel free to participate in the feedback system (using the guidelines provided).

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