The directory was created to meet a universal need for a comprehensive New Thought Directory with a dynamic solution. The solution is an open source directory which acts as a universal directory for New Thought untainted by any Spiritual Politics or membership fees. In short it is a simple and wonderful news resource in which members Any New Thought Spiritual Community, Church, Center, or Study Group may be listed in the directory as long as that group teaches or shares New Thought and is in congruence with the
Universal Declaration of Principles as articulated in January 2000 by the International New Thought Alliance (INTA), which is the oldest non-denominational New Thought Membership Organization that we are aware of.

An Open Source Directory

Since the humble beginning of the directory in 1992, it has grown as a public news resource to include most if not all New Thought Churches, Centers and Study Groups around the world.

This is because the directory is an Open Source Directory meaning it is a compilation of public information enhanced through ongoing participation. Although submission and updates may be sent in by anyone, respective centers can elect to participate and thereby influence the listing pertaining to their center.

People often discover New Thought through the myriad of Spiritual Resources that we maintain to support their journey. They might then feel the urge for fellowhip and seek a New Thought Center, Church or Study Group. They come to the directory system because we do not participate in Spiritual Politics, this means that the public is able to list all New Thought communities regardless of their affiliation or membership. As long as a center is a New Thought Center and has a public footprint, then it will have a listing.

Go to which is mirrored by,,, and over 20 other mirrors around the world.

The First Face of any New Thought Center that a New Thought Seekers sees is usually the centers'

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